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Under 18s and Vietnam High School Volunteer Programs

The high school years are ultimately important especially in shaping one’s career as well as future goals. Volunteer traveling during this particular period and this proves very beneficial. Here at VVS, we full understand the need for high school students to join or attend volunteering programs. We have provisions for numerous customized projects designed particularly for these groups.

Since most high school goers are commonly between 16 to 19 years old, they are generally accompanied by their supervisors or teachers. This is not just an act of guidance but this also enhances the scope of their learning.

VVS has successfully hosted various high school groups previously and apparently, their experiences are great. Youth gets the chance of experiencing real exposure by working and interacting with the natives coming from different countries. We also have knowledgeable and experienced in-country coordinators providing all means of help to groups as per requirement.

Considering the fact that group folks will travel from another country, we strive hard to ensure that they will get enough time to greatly explore new destinations and discover and enjoy local delicacies at the same time. Any high school group must compromise five volunteers at least. We have 2-week special programs and different groups can opt for these programs as well just in case they have minimal time on hand.

Let us take a closer look on the reasons why high school students must take volunteer travel abroad:

  • This is an amazing opportunity to travel to different destinations and discover and explore places with peer groups.
  • Being with a teacher or supervisor will also help them learn more lessons that are actually beyond textbooks.
  • They can also acquire new learning and skills such as time management, adjusting to new environment while polishing previous skills and more.
  • They would also get clearer ideas as to what they would want to do in the near future and the area that suits their interest best.
  • Volunteer trip abroad will also widen their knowledge horizon and boost their resume/CV.
  • Also, a volunteering trip can make them more calm and compassionate.

The most suitable and favorable destinations for high school volunteering groups are Sapa, Mai Chau, Danang and Hanoi. We actually had high school groups that volunteered with us earlier.

For education institutes with Experiential Education Curriculum, these volunteer trips abroad are the best ways to indulge in. You can write to with subject line of “Service Learning Trips to take your high school students for amazing and exciting Vietnam trip.

Let’s join our Vietnam high school volunteer programs today as a group volunteering in Vietnam

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