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Vietnam Family Volunteering

“A family that travels together stays together” –This is   well-known saying and has also been one of the oldest practices for family members. They usually take at least one trip per year.

Many European and American families are traveling abroad on extended vacations especially during summer and spring breaks. Nevertheless, only handful of families usually indulges in volunteering activities abroad. While interviewing these families regarding their experiences of volunteering abroad, there are actually some universal themes that everyone expressed. These are as follows:

  • Volunteering abroad taught them compassion
  • This brought families closer together
  • The children become more empathetic and thoughtful
  • This also made their  travels more  meaningful and added more values

Volunteering with loved ones or family most especially if you have kids growing up is indeed a wonderful experience itself.

  • This is also an ideal way of bonding and spending quality time with your family giving your kids sense of reaching out and helping individuals right from the start.
  • Aside from finding way to spend quality time together, volunteering also helps families particularly the kids to develop awareness and interpersonal skills as well.
  • The kids are trained to understand and value even the little things in life while at the same time having fun while they work. Parents and children also got the chance to be involved in something that is larger than life. Working on old age homes, orphanages, homes for the disabled ones and street children shelters would let you realize how unfortunate and unfair life can be on some individuals and how you can do your own way to help them.
  • Volunteering  abroad most especially in developing and emerging economies such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ghana, India and more, where you may need to compromise on your everyday comfort and learn living with locals is a biggest life lesson itself.
  • Cultural immersion; wherein you, together with your better half, kids or your parents tend to interact with new individuals and pick up new language and try new cuisine as well as get to significantly  understand global cultures in much better ways.
  • Moreover, you interact with other new individuals as a family and achieve global connections and works for worthy cause that would add into your exclusive life resume.

Which Among Volunteer Projects Are Most Ideal for Families?

We highly suggest families to take part and be involved in orphanage and child care programs o teaching programs. You can even teach English, help out in every way possible, play with the kids or work with the street kids and help the change their lives.

We can customize these programs based on the choices of your family. Childcare programs will also allow children to connect and interact with the local children and develop some sense of friendship and understanding.

When it comes to other requirements, you have to note that your kid should at least be 4 years of age and above to accompany you so that your kid does not prove to be much of a burden or distraction during volunteer works. In some instances, where groups are large and have about three to four families joining us, we can actually make an exception concerning the child’s age. You can also bring your kids aging 4 to 5 years old along with you. While being a family volunteer, we would ensure that you’ll stay together and also work closely together in your chosen projects.

There are numerous opportunities for family volunteering available all over the world however, we highly suggest families to travel to Vietnam.

Join Vietnam family volunteering with Vina Volunteer Service today for the best time with us.

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