Teaching Projects

Overview of Volunteering in Hanoi for English teaching

Volunteering in Hanoi for teaching English for tourism in private classes, a center for students in Hanoi. Experience a fascinating Vietnamese culture and tradition as well as gain a in-depth understanding of local ways of life via lesson related to tourism . For Vietnam’s long-term development, students need to improve their ability to communicate in English in the global market, which depends on high-priority effort to make English a second language so that every single volunteer who love teaching in Vietnam, means a lots to us. You can lead your class with assistant from Vietnamese volunteer. Besides, we do focus on tourism so all the lessons are all about tourism.

Because we believe that learning about tourism is a great way to communicate with travellers in Hanoi, show them this beautiful and rich history city as a little ambassador in order to improve their spoken English very fast. We have found that many students talk to a tourist about basic topics such as greetings, introducing themselves, jobs, family and so on. They are unable to extend the conversation due to lack of vocabulary, knowledge and incorrect pronunciation.

Tourists really want to learn more about Vietnam in term of culture & traditions, customs and habits, traffic, daily life activities, things to do, food culture as well. We ensure that those topics are really helpful to travelers and it’s the best way for students to improve their spoken English so quick.

You can also gain hands-on teaching experiences, invaluable English language training and skills as well as have a wide range knowledge of tourism in Vietnam by studying about it. The project is great for those who wish to pursue a career in teaching,love travelling, exploring this fascinating country and learn some Vietnamese

Highlights of Volunteering in Hanoi for teaching English:

Offering a great chance for volunteers to help students in order to make their dream come true is to have good English for their future job
Gain in-depth understanding into local ways of life (how they live, eat and travel) via lessons in tourism sector.
Travel like a local by taking students to the tourist attractions, hawkers stalls, Bia Hoi restaurants, local markets…. in Hanoi to practise spoken English
Home visit tours are a great way to learn authentic local culture, enjoy the very best local dishes and study hands-on Vietnamese lessons.
Low-cost travel with support from Vietnamese staff members and students.
Real practical teaching skills and experiences
Creating a long-lasting impact on student lives
Making friends with many locals in Hanoi and its surroundings
Offering free Vietnamese language lessons