Safety Precautions and Back Up Plans

Safety and back up are crucial part of the service exclusively offered to you by VVI. Your utmost security and safety is our main concern. Every placement is thoroughly researched and safety audited. We have numerous systems and procedures in place to make sure that you will get the support you need to be able to fully enjoy your placement with ultimate peace of mind.

Please see the site for more info on some travel advisories.

Our Assurance to Clients

Here at VVI, we assure each and every client the following:


We take your security abroad very seriously. Prior to going anywhere, the countries should be safe and politically stable and Vietnam is the one.

Pre-departure Advice

Once you have been accepted to our projects, you will receive every detail or information that includes details about visa application, insurance, cultural advice about Vietnam, packing list and more. Our dedicated and highly- experienced Volunteer Coordinator will immediately contact you as soon as you applied. Our coordinator is always available to help and to give you advice and clear answer to whatever question you have-both before going and while you are away.

Placement Details

You will be allocated your exclusive placement details before you go. These important details include address of your host family, details about your placement and the coordinator who will be in charge of you.

Contact Between Volunteers and Staff

Our highly experienced staff will check you by phone or visit you regularly as well as your host families to make sure all things are in place and running smoothly. We ideally maintain cycle of monitoring all placements and accommodations of volunteers. Upon our arrival, our highly committed staff will perform a final check to see if your arrangements and your accommodation are acceptable. Again, during your stay on the project site, we give you the assurance that we will remain accessible all the time to ensure your utmost satisfaction.


All accommodations are checked by our staff on regular basis. Accommodation will only be accepted if it is comfortable, hygienic and clean. If in case you‘re staying with a host family, we will strive hard to talk with at least one of the members of the family to talk about the basics and to let the family know the aims of VVI at the same time. They should also be interested to have English speaker to stay in order to practice and enhance their English skills. There will be thorough checks on all the accommodations together with the host family before and during their volunteer stays.


Every volunteer, regardless of placement is allocated a supervisor. This person will be held responsible for letting volunteers to perform their work as well as ensure that they are happy and interested assisting with any concern or problem.

Meeting Upon Arrival

We will take time to meet you at the airport or any local place of arrival unless personally requested otherwise. You will be picked at the airport and will be transferred safely to your accommodation. Our driver will be meeting you and he will be carrying a “Welcome Aboard” sign and who will also welcome you with your complete name.


All the volunteers have induction into the country and the particular area they will be living. This actually differs from one country to another but commonly includes:

Welcome Pack with comprehensive details of local staff’s contact information and other useful details like doctors, banks, public transport and more.
We will advise you regarding local customs and what you can expect while you’re away. We will help you feel more confident about your newest environment through direct meetings or emails.

Health and Insurance

All our volunteers take care of their travel and health insurance on their own. We do not include it in our exclusive package.