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Akiko Motoki – From Japan

From the end of October to the beginning of November, I joined a volunteer program “Preserve natural Resources and help communities in Sapa” organized by Vina Volunteer Service for 7 days.

The reason why I decided to join the program was that I was interested in a volunteer work in overseas as well as I wanted to visit Sapa after I saw a beautiful picture of Sapa on the Internet.

In Sapa, I stayed with a local family in Tavan Village. The family welcomed me warmly. They served three meals of local food for me which were so delicious. Sometimes I helped them prepare the meals, which was a good experience for me.

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Melinda and Julie from Wagga Wagga – Australia

Dear David and Trong

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn about the real Vietnam. Of all the tours we went on this was the best. We really liked the personal nature of our guides and how all the experiences were hands-on. Please thank the host family for their generosity; it was fantastic to share a day in their life. They were extremely friendly and patient while we learned and practiced farming, travelling and cooking techniques.

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Harizz from Malaysia

Hi everybody, I’m Harizz, from Malaysia. This is second time I come to Vietnam but this is the first time I joined in volunteer club. Before my participation, I think it will be boring and I will do nothing. After I joined, It was changed my thinking.

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Hibi from England

It’s Hibi from England. I’m here with Vina Volunteer Service. It was beautiful for 2 weeks. Living with the homestay family with Ms Xuan. Living with the family allow you go out,  working in the field, collect the snails, fishing, local traditional fishing, visiting the market which is really convenient

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Rachael from Australia

This was my first experience working as a volunteer and it did not disappoint.  David from Vina Volunteer is an enthusiastic and intelligent man who ensured the entire process ran smoothly.  He arranged for my visa, ensured I was greeted at the airport and transferred to my hotel in Hanoi and provided a lot of helpful advice regarding visiting Vietnam.

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Andreia from Portugal

I have been in Mai Chau for 3 weeks teaching English. It was an amazing experience! I taught 1 to 3 hours per day in one of the local schools and 2h to adults in the evening. I slept in a homestay with the lovely Xuan, who took care of me as if I was her daughter and took me on bike and hiking tours to see the surroundings. Mai Chau is a quiet place, where you can really take your mind off the stress of a city life. There you really get in touch with the traditions and life style of the white Thai people, one of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities. People are very friendly and although you can rarely find someone who speaks English it is amazing how one can communicate without a language, if there is good will and a smile.

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Cindy from the USA

Volunteering at Mai Chau was an amazing experience for me.  I joined the Vina Volunteer Services which led by a group of young people who are full of energy and passion.  The registration process was informal. I was a bit concerned about the safety before my arrival.  I realized my worry is unnecessary.  Mr. Nam Nguyen greeted me at the airport who is friendly, thorough and very well managed.  The plus is that he speaks English very well.   He explained the projects and provided valuable information.  We had a pleasant and friendly conversation.

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Alexander from Newzealand

Ms Xuan is the host of  Home Stay , where I stayed for two weeks for organic farming placement with Vina Volunteer Service where I stayed for two weeks. You could not ask for a more generous and hospitable host.

With Ms Xuan guidance, I participated in the daily routine of “Thai Community Life” gaining a first hand and intimate experience of the Thai Culture.

Mai Chau is a truly tranquil and peaceful setting guaranteed to help you relax, slow down and connect with nature. The Thai people are very happy, peaceful and contented, welcoming you into their homes with offers of green tea or rice wine depending on the time of day.

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David from Australia

I really could not have asked for more from my two week trip to Vietnam for this internship. Everything was organised by Vina Volunteer Service from helping me with my visa to collecting me from the airport upon arrival which made me feel safe and relaxed about travelling to such an unfamiliar destination

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Tello from South Africa

My time in Vietnam Volunteer.. it was a real adventure ,thank you all who was a part of this program i did learn a lot from you guys .. all i want to say just keep up the good work that you are doing ..

Because of you i have my own pig farming .. now i know how to mantain my pigs more than before .. at first i used to give my pigs anything and feed them at any giving time, but now i know that you have to feed them atlest twice a day

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Keith from England

The administration was very effective , with guidance when needed.
The homestay accommodation was very satisfactory , overlooking a beautiful thatched old house.

The food that Ms Xuan prepared was excellent and varied . My only regret was that she produced it in such vast amounts that I was unable to do it justice. She refused to reduce the servings because she said they had plenty but I dislike any waste. My only consolation was that at least my leftovers went to the pig!

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