Program Infomation

  • Type of volunteer : Internship
  • Duration : 4 weeks /li>
  • Placement fee : 4200 USD/ person
  • Location : Vietnam
  • Type of placement : Media and Photography
  • Arrival airport : Noi Bai Airport
  • Available : During the year
  • Age : 18+
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Duration  : 2 weeks to 8 weeks

Location : Vietnam

Project activities : Online Journalism, Photography, Videography, Blogging and Vlogging

Working schedule : All days, 6 – 8 hours based on the itinerary

Age Limits: Minimum 18 yrs or older for solo travelers.

Accommodation : Homestay, Motel, Hotel

Start date : Flexible

Requirements : English & Journalism skills



Grab your camera, bring your enthusiasm and come take a magical journey of discovery and enlightenment in the wonderful world of Vietnam on this travel internship program.  We are looking for a diverse and adventurous media and journalism specialist who can take all that Vietnam has to offer and convert it into a storybook for all the world to marvel over.

Vietnam is rich with ancient culture, lively demonstrative natives, fantastical architecture and many hallowed locations.  With your keen eye and eagerness to learn, you can be the eyes for the tourist that is thinking of taking a trip to this wondrous place.

Using the photographs you will take along with your journalistic expression, you can report back on the traditions and customs that make Vietnam all that it is today.  From the whirlwind cities to the quiet and tranquil rice paddy fields, from the dense jungles to the fishing frenzies, Vietnam must come alive under your expert eyes and hands.

The media and journalist position will allow you to explore Vietnam whilst staying in warm and family-hosted accommodation.

You will be required to undertake the following:

  • Production of articles both written and online
  • Photograph all that you see and document
  • Video certain events and document
  • Blog and Vlog these amazing captures on our website


Your Itinerary

We can customize the travel internship trip based on your budget, interest, length of stay, places to visit. Please email us at for futher information

Day 1 – Arrival Day

  • You will arrive in Hanoi via the airport and will be taken to your hotel downtown
  • You will have some free time to explore all that Hanoi offers – be sure to take your camera with
  • At 6:00pm, you will be taken on a guided tour of the nightlife of Hanoi in the Old Quarter – here you can learn the finer aspects of photography at night
  • The café that overlooks HoanKiem Lake is a great place to start so you can get your eye in and understand the dynamics of night photography
  • Panoramic shots can be taken from one of the high balcony’s so you can get a real good feel for the night mode of Hanoi
  • The neon-lit night market that is Dong Xuan will delight and inspire you before we head back to your hotel for a much needed sleep

Day 2 – Photo Day

  • Wear your comfy trainers or hiking boots as we are going on foot today
  • Vietnam has many hidden little nooks and crannies that present the perfect photo shots
  • These photo moments are for you to discover the many diverse angles and picturesque opportunities that Hanoi day life can offer
  • This little tour will work well with a novice right up to an experienced photographer, so don’t worry about not taking perfect pictures – this is practice time
  • A relaxed lunch will be enjoyed at a local restaurant
  • B-52 Lake or traditionally known as HuuTiep Lake is our next destination – this Lake was where the US B-52 bomber landed and we get to see it in all its fantastic and scary wreckage – this can be seen as a great photographic test – filming wreckage can be challenging
  • Chau Long Market brings a time to explore the local sellers wares and get to know their ways and humor
  • Time allowing, we will visit HoanKiem Lake as well, with the holy Ngoc Son Temple which sits right in the middle
  • Around midday you will go back to your hotel where you can either relax or go exploring further on your own


Day 3 – Lang Son Trip

  • On the morning of your third day we will take a three and a half hour bus trip to Lang Son in Vietnam – pack a small overnight bag as we will be staying over in Lang Son tonight
  • Relax on this bus trip and enjoy the majestic scenery – you can even snap a few photos of the lavish vegetation and landscapes that whizz on by
  • Midday will see you lapping up a locally made meal in the ancient city of Lang Son
  • An exciting passenger motorbike ride will take you to electrifying Tam Thanh Cave where you can experience the natural internal pool and take some perfect photos of the neighboring rice paddy fields
  • Take a little walk up a stone staircase which will take you to the Mac Dynasty Citadel ruins – here you can whip out that camera and get a rural perspective of the land below you
  • The second biggest cave is just a walk away – NhiThanh Cave has fresh flowing water and will make you want to just sit and sap up the natural energy
  • Hopping back onto our motorbike we will ride for an hour to the Van Vi Hill where we can take a little hike to get some awesome shots of the scenic sights of the mountain ranges as well as the roof tops below
  • After a small supper in the town back in Lang Son, we will rest for the night at a local hotel


Day 4 – A Food Journey

  • Today you will experience a gastronomy of heaven as we get to experience Vietnam’s love of food
  • We begin with a breakfast of Bun Cha which is fresh noodles served with barbequed tender pork and spring rolls fried to perfection
  • A guided tour will follow through busy GiengVuong Market where you can learn the finer art of bartering with the local sellers for their fresh fruits, veggies and herbs. Be sure to purchase a few trinkets that represent their temple offerings, maybe for a souvenir or gift back home
  • A short drive sees us going to another bustling food market called Dong Kinh which is famous for its takeaway meals such as pig blood puddings, red chili and rice vinegar, pig ear and stomach as well as pickled bamboo shoots – BanhCuon is the best though – a Vietnamese delicacy made from rolled rice which envelopes succulent ground pork and woodear mushrooms – so yummy!
  • Don’t eat too much though as we have another market to enjoy, Pho Chua with their specialty of sour rice noodles served with crushed peanuts, bean sprouts and your choice of chicken or pork – this delicious meal comes with a traditionalChinese broth to seal it all in
  • If you can fit anymore in, we will finish off at a local café which will serve us KemXoi, a sweet and sticky rice delivered with a generous helping of vanillaice cream topped with toasted coconut
  • After your belly is proudly bloated and satisfied we will take a little rest back at your hotel
  • Hopefully by 4h30pm your tummy has digested all that delicious food nicely and you are ready for more – Chao is a rice porridge mixed in with succulent minced pork and pickled bamboo shoots – so heavenly
  • Jump on our motorbike after this small meal to KyLua Market where you will taste baked BanhMi topped with oyster sauce – added to this you must try the grilled skewers of pork which consists of pig throat, stomach and jaw
  • A little bowl of Ga Tan, a simple dish of chicken and Chinese herbs will line your stomach further before our last desert of the day
  • Che, a sweetened porridge will set you nicely before you turn in for the night


Day 5 – Quynh Son Village Trip

  • Wear your walking shoes today
  • Day 5 we jump on our passenger motorbike to travel 2 hours past the stunning and peaceful rice paddy and cereal fields, as well as stilt houses to Quynh Son village
  • Our midday lunch will be served to us in one of these stilt houses by a local host family
  • You can get the chance to enjoy another local meal but also engage with the natives and find out more of how they live and work
  • A little free time after lunch and then we move on to the Tay ethnic minority part of our journey
  • A car will drive you to the foot of the mountain range where you can hike up the short distance to take some panoramic photos of the valley down below
  • A walk to the homestay for the night will be followed by a light meal and restful night

Day 6 – Farming Day

  • Following a local breakfast to ready you for our next adventure, a three and half hour hike on a rustic local road where we will go visit the farming community
  • Here you will learn how the natives farm off the land and live a peaceful and idyllic life surrounded by the beauties of the mountains, forests and naturalness
  • After a much needed lunch back with our host family we will drive back to Lang Son and your hotel for the night

Day 7 – Mau Son – Hiking Day

  • After a quick breakfast, we head to Mau Son Mountain peak past the limestone clusters
  • Make sure you have your hiking boots on this morning as we take a little trek up the mountain to the old French Hill Station where we will see how Mau Son was destroyed during a war with the Chinese
  • You will see how the buildings have been rebuilt keeping with the classic style of architecture
  • A short 1500 meter walk sees us taking some fantastic photos of the land of China below us
  • On our way back Mother Goodness Temple in Dong Dang presents a fanciful and enlightening show called Nhay Dong
  • After lunch we take a hike up the five hills just like the natives do to appreciate the incredible sights of city, majestic mountains and the richness of the rice paddy fields
  • A much needed rest back at your hotel will take you into the night


Day 8 – Fresh Meat Experience

  • An early start sees us visiting the local butcherywhere we will be exposed to how they work with the pig and local restaurants
  • At 10:00am, after a light refreshing breakfast, we head to the fresh produce market to engage with the local sellers and all the meats they sell
  • Get involved and learn how they work as well as a little of their language
  • 1h00pm sees us lunching on a buffet rice meal called Com where you get to pick and choose what you want to eat – quite a nice experience
  • Leisure time follows where you can go exploring on your own
  • In the late afternoon you will get to take a lovely cooking lesson with a local host family which is a real treat
  • Here you will be introduced to the family members and be able to engage and learn with them, not only their language, which will be given to you in a 30 minute simple phrase lesson, but also on how to shop with natives and how to use the VND local currency
  • After this memorable interaction, pull on your walking shoes and take a little 10 minute walk or even a quicker bicycle to a local market
  • The neighboring market offers all fresh produce such as meats, fish, veggies, fruits, herbs and spices to entice and delight even a non-culinary lover
  • Remember to take some foodie photos – it will remind you of what to buy next time you want to whip up a Vietnamese dish back home
  • Buying from the local market sellers will teach you to use your body language to communicate and barter, a fine art
  • At 5:00pm you will take your recently purchased food items and go back to the host family to cook up a storm of traditionalVietnamese dishes for supper
  • From marinating to spicing, from decorating dishes with lemon grass stems, carrot flowers and banana leaves to mixing up delicious sauces of sugar, garlic, herbs and fish, you will be blown away by the tastes you can produce
  • After a long, busy day 7:00pm sees you sitting down to taste your hard work at dinner with the family – take this opportunity to learn more about their life and culture – and be sure to get a copy of the recipes to take home and delight your family there
  • At 8:00pm you will be driven back to your hotel room

Day 9 – Trip to That Khe

  • A nice refreshing breakfast in your hotel will be followed by a ride through the beautiful valleys, tranquil tribal villages and mountain ranges which will take us to That Khe
  • A host family will be waiting for you on your arrival and you will overnight with them


Day 10 – A Trek of a Day

  • After a filling breakfast in That Khe we will drive a short distance to Na Pang Village
  • From here our trek begins to Pac Khoang, an ancient village of the Dzao ethnic minority people
  • Small intricate paths, easy hills and little streams will make up our journey to Pac Khoang
  • A light picnic lunch along the way will sustain us to finish up and arrive at around 5:00pm
  • A local host family in Pac Khoang will cater dinner for us where we will overnight as well

Day 11 – Tay Ethnic Minority Day

  • A breakfast with the local family will be followed by a little trek to the nearby mountains where we will head towards the village of Na Nieng where the Tay Ethnic minority reside
  • The tribal villages will be a great place to gather some refreshments along our way
  • Dong Khe is our lunch stop
  • After lunch we continue with our trip to Na Nieng – be aware that this will be a tougher trek than the morning, as its mostly uphill
  • We should reach the village of Pac Khoang about 5:00pm
  • Dinner at a homestay family will end our tiring day

Day 12 – Trekking day

  • After breakfast we make our way towards the village of La, where the Tay Ethnic minority reside
  • A quick snack and drink then we will continue to finish up in the village for an overnight stay

Day 13 – Back to Cao Bang

  • A quick breakfast takes us on our trip back to Cao Bang
  • We will arrive there in the late afternoon after which you can take some much needed leisure time

Day 14 – On to Cao Bang

  • A quick breakfast and then we begin our trek through jungle and across some little streams
  • A bamboo raft adventure awaits us to get over the Bang Giang River near Ta Lung
  • Enjoy a quick lunch and a van will take us to Cao Bang town where you will check into the local hotel
  • This is your time to enjoy the new town and take some leisure moments
  • We will dinner in Cao Bang together before heading off for a sleep

Day 15 – Bus Trip to Hanoi

  • A bus ride after breakfast will take you back to Hanoi

Day 16 – Orientation Day

  • A bus ride to your homestay in Mai Chau will allow you to relax and reflect on your magical journey so far
  • A short orientation will be given on the processes going forward, how the project will run and how to be safe whilst travelling in and around Vietnam
  • You will be introduced to the staff and other volunteers that you will encounter on your stay
  • A little leisure time will follow so you can check out the natives of the Mai Chau village, as well as Na Thia, Nhot, PomCoong and ChiengChau villages
  • We suggest you take a bicycle to do this trek as the trip is a total of around 2 -3 hours long on very basic and easy terrain
  • Your night will be spend at the homestay

Day 17 – Na Meo Day

  • We will leave Lac Village to trek to the mountain area Na Meo
  • Many tourists hike here to get to the PuPoc mountain
  • Once you have worked your way through the natural forests, high mountain ranges and many fields of corn and cassava, you will come across the Thai locals
  • The Te Village will be found snuggled in to the forest trees and here is where you will meet a local Thai family
  • Follow that small visit you will hike for about one and a half hours across Pu Hamlet and Khoe Hamlet which will take you past paddy fields and eventually to the Te Bridge
  • This will bring us to about 4:30pm and from here you will rest those legs to take a drive to the homestay for the night

Day 18 – Hang Kia

  • Pa Co Market is a great early morning destination for fresh product and a little easy breakfast
  • You will find the little villages of H’mong settled nicely on either sides of the rural roads
  • Take time to admire the Spring blooming, should you be in this season, of plum, peach and ban blossoms
  • The sprit and culture of Pa Co is shown in the lovely girls that wear the traditional brocade dresses and happy smiles
  • A car will take you to Hang Kia Village which is nestled onto the mountain peak and is opposite a tropical jangle
  • A 3 hour trek will take you to Van Village where we will then car back to the homestay

Day 19 – Leisure Day

  • Enjoy today and do whatever you feel, go for a walk, enjoy the company of the locals, read, write, make some new videos and photo art, anything to chill you out

Day 20 – Back to Hanoi again

  • A trip back to Hanoi and overnight stay

Day 21 – Hanoi Eco Homestay

  • Back at Hanoi you will receive a brief orientation on the next part of the journey
  • We will drive 45 minutes to a farm where we will show you the magic of the farming lifestyle
  • Ploughing with a cow, transplanting baby rice into a paddy field, getting your hands dirty hoeing, watering and just generally experiencing farm life, will be your modus operandi for the day
  • A fun and spirited passenger ride on the back of a motorbike will take you down to the fishing hole to try your hand at fishing – using nets and laughing with the locals will be an absolute highlight of your day
  • Later you will take, hopefully, that just caught fish and fresh produce to learn a new Vietnamese dish back with the host family
  • Lunch and then a bike around the rustic land where you can take your photos and enjoy all that Vietnam has to offer
  • Take a breather to eat your snacks and cold drinks offered at the local host family
  • We will then overnight at Hanoi Eco Homestay for the night

Day 22 – Thanh Chuong Viet Palace – Danang

  • Breakfast with the locals in the Xinchao Vietnam countryside and a stroll about to take in all the magic
  • Back at the Hanoi Eco Homestay you will say your goodbyes before embarking on the next chapter
  • ThanhChuong Viet Palace is a living museum of Viet’s architectural works
  • Explore the MrChuong creations where they restore the ancient works
  • The homestay will then give you a quick home cooking lesson, one where you will get your hands busy and be able to take the delicious recipeshome with you
  • After a little leisure time you will be taken to the airport for your flight to Danang
  • A taxi trip from Danang to the hotel will follow after a busy day

Day 23 – Visit Hope village in Danang

  • After a little breakfast we will go to Hope Village in Danang, which is a center for the Orphaned Children of Vietnam
  • Take a little time to teach them some English and just spend some time with these lonely souls
  • Share some lunch with hem and if you so wish lay down for an afternoon lunch with the little kiddies
  • When you are refreshed and rested, check out their living arrangements and play some football or games – this will make them so very happy

Day 24 – More of Danang

  • After breakfast, we travel to the Center of Victims of agent Orange
  • This is where the children were used in war time and victimized
  • Spend some tie with the children in play or song or even dance
  • They love to play spots and be active – join in
  • A picnic lunch and some learning of English will see you through to the end of the day
  • Lastly the evening will see you enjoy Danang on a passenger motorbike ride

Day 25 – Danang by Motorbike

  • An early morning start sees us feeding rice porridge to the poor and elderly
  • Following this we start our full day city tour on the motorbikes down at the Han Market to pick up somespecials
  • On to the 5th military zone museum to check out Vietnam’s war history
  • A short trip takes us to the magnificent Marble Mountain to see the lovely Cham Buddha enveloped in amazing light and peace
  • Lunch at a local restaurant overlooking the beach ends the afternoon nicely
  • Late afternoon sees you visiting LinhUng Pagoda, a spiritual place protected by Guinyin, the Goddess of Mercy
  • Take a moment to appreciate the views of Danang Beach and Cham Islands
  • The French and Spanish cemetery brings the memories of the soldiers lost fresh into our minds
  • On our way back to the hotel we stop off at the Cham Museum to check out the biggest collection of Cham sculptures and artifacts from the 7th to 15th century

Day 26 – Cham Tower at My Son holy land

  • A motorbike ride takes us to My Son holy land to see the awesome Cham Tower which is honored to the Hindu
  • The afternoon sees us driving to the local village to try our hand at veggie planting

Day 27 and 28 – Leisure Time and Ending

  • Free time at the hotel and the end of your wonderful trip

Note : We can customize your travel internship trip based on your interest, duration of your travel, feel free to contact us


Rate : 

US$4200/ per person (applied for a party of 1 person)

US$3100/ per person (applied for a party of 2 persons)

US$2500 per person (applied for a party of 3-4 persons)

US$1800/ per person (applied for a party of 5-6 persons)

US$1600/ per person (applied for a party of 7-9 persons)

US$1400/ per person (applied for a party of 10 persons plus)

Your Travel Internship Includes the Following

✔ Accommodation in homestay/hostel/hotel accommodation in Hanoi, Lang Son, Mai Chau, Danang

✔ Homestay and guesthouse stays

✔ Domestic flights from Hanoi to Danang

✔Transportation by motorbike and the local bus trips

✔ Boat rides

✔ Meals and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the tour

✔ Snacks and water during excursions

✔ Sites entry fees (if applicable)


Your Travel Internship Excludes the Following

✘ International flights to depart from Hanoi to your hometown

✘ Airport transfer fees

✘ Your entry Visa to Vietnam

✘ Your travel insurance  (this is mandatory to have please)

✘ Any alcoholic beverages

✘ Your personal expenses

✘ Any tips you may want to give staff and locals


Accommodation : We provide you with a plenty of choices from homestay to hotel.


Vietnam features one of the most diverse and tasty cuisines in the world, and you can expect to eat simply but well during your placement. Every day, you receive breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also  cater vegetarian, please inform us in advance if you have any special food request.


What does Travel Internship program do? 

Online Journalism

During your travels you will be reporting and journaling all that you see and do.  Utilizing your creative skills and keen eye, you will be writing numerous articles to bring the world of Vietnam to the public in an explosive and heart-felt manner. From personal interviews to daily activity logs, you will communicate through your creative writing how the locals of Vietnam live and work.


With your eye for all that is beautiful take Vietnam and present her to the world through your photographs.  Creativephoto galleries must be sent to us regularly in order for us to see all that you are experiencing on your trips in and around the local community.


Videos bring Vietnam to life in a brilliant and down to earth manner.  Capture the smiles of the local market sellers, interview the families and farm works.  Get personal and bring us the gems of Vietnam throughyourvideography skills.

Blogging and Vlogging

Take all that you have captured through your photos and videos and bring it to the world through blogging and vlogging on our website.  The travellers of the world must be delighted and beguiled by the manner in which you have captured Vietnam’s beauty.

What We Require From You

  • Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign is a necessary part of your collection
  • We need you to be able to work independently as well as with speed as and when we set deadlines and give you multiple tasks
  • Create magical images and videos to entice and inspire others to travel
  • You must be able to take your video compositions and convert them into a format perfect for online usage
  • A short telephonic or Skype video call before we accept your application

Your Main Responsibilities as a travel internship in Media and Journalism

As a journalist and photographer, we require you to use your gung-ho approach and keen eye to capture the beauty and innocence of Vietnam.

Bring the flavor, the culture and the color that will surround you, and blow it up for us in videos, graphic photos and expert expressive writing.

When you have gathered all those amazing pictures and videography, you will deliver an animated and detailed report of all your trips and discoveries.

Through blogging and vlogging on our website, you will bring this to life for all potential travellers all over the world, enticing and beguiling them into visiting magical Vietnam.

Suggestions on what to Bring With You

You need to bring your own camera and video equipment, which needs to be of high quality in order to produce good output.

In addition, bring loads of enthusiasm, tons of excitement and bucket loads of curiosity.


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