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If you like to have a vacation trip out of the country today, why don’t you choose to spend your leisure time to an Asian city like Hanoi?! Hanoi is a great place and if it will be your first time to visit this city, you should not forget to read your Hanoi guide book.

Hanoi is the Vietnam’s capital. It is now regarded as one of the best tourist destinations all over the world due to its fantastic attractions and its long history. If you wish to learn more about Hanoi then you have come to the right place. This Hanoi travel guide is specifically designed to completely meet the satisfactions of tourists who desire to explore the irresistible beauty of Hanoi. Here, all of your questions will be answered and you will learn every reason that makes Hanoi as a wonderful spot for a holiday vacation.

The Climate and when is The Best time to Travel

Just like the other countries all over the world, Vietnam also comes with 4 seasons; the spring, fall, summer and winter. Hanoi comes with hot and terrific summer season dry cold and freezing winter and high rainfall. However, Hanoi has 2 main seasons and these are the rainy season that starts from January and will last until the month of September and the dry season from October to April. The most ideal time to explore the beauty of this city is from the month of September to November. Or, you can go there between March & April.

How to Get There

Actually, you can get to Hanoi in 3 ways. You can get there by land, by sea or by air. You can get there via a bus, a car or train. However, most people who wish to visit Hanoi prefer to travel by air. Those foreign nationals who are from Europe may fly first to Bangkok and from there; they can go to Hanoi via Vietnam or Thai Airlines. For those who are from the United States, there are flights going to Hanoi in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

How to Get to City Centre

As the plane lands and you arrived at the international airport of Hanoi, the next thing that you will do is to get to the center of the city. You can avail Hanoi airport transfers by booking for it in advance or you can go there and travel with a bus. You can find a bus right at the airport. The bus will take you to the center of the city after an hour.
You can also get a taxi right at the international airport. Hanoi is filled with many taxi companies and hiring an airport taxi right after the plane lands is also a good choice.

Getting Around

By Taxi, By Bus, By Car, By Motorbike, Bike
When you arrive in Hanoi and you wish to visit the entire parts of the city, be sure that you have bear in your mind this Hanoi travel advice.
If you are familiar in the paths of Asian cities, you will surely have fun in exploring Hanoi by motorbike. Most hotels and guesthouses in Hanoi offer their clients with new motorbikes for hire at around 5 US dollars a day. If you don’t want this option then you may go for buses. Today, Hanoi comes with over sixty public bus lines that will take you anywhere in this city. The buses there are comfortable and clean.
You can also go from one tourist spot to another by train. The main train station in Hanoi is located at the P Tran Hung Dao’s western end. The trains there will take you to the famous destinations at the southern part of the city. If you want to visit the north side of the city, you should look for another section of Hanoi train station where you can buy a ticket for northbound trains. If you want to visit the famous places to see in Hanoi as soon as you arrive there, hiring an airport taxi is the best choice for you.
To have a very wonderful vacation experience in Hanoi, please be reminded of these Hanoi travel tips. You deserve to experience a one of a kind traveling experience and this is one of the reasons why this Hanoi travel guide was made.

Things to Do and See

As said before, Hanoi is rich in fantastic places to see. These places are the following:

Hoan Kiem Lake

The name of the place comes with a legendary story. This place is very nice and this is where you can take your whole family to experience and appreciate the beauty of the nature.

The Museum of Ethnology in Vietnam

The marvelous collection that can be found inside of this museum features a well-presented and remarkable tribal art, everyday objects and artefacts that came from various places within the country.

Temple of Literature

You can also visit the Temple of Literature which is around 2 kilometers away from the western portion of the Hoan Kiem Lake. It was dedicated to Confucius and it honors the finest scholars & men of literary achievement in Vietnam.

Hoa Lo Prison

If you want to visit another Vietnamese museum, you can go to Hoa Lo Prison which is known to be a thought provoking site. This museum features the remains of the late Hoa Lo Prison who was paradoxically nicknamed “Hanoi Hilton”.

National Museum of History in Vietnam

This is a wonderful infrastructure was the former home to Ecole Francaise d’Extreme Orient. It was built between 1925 & 1932.

Fine Arts Museum

It is housed in 2 buildings that were known to be the French Ministry of Information in the past. It features the artistic treasures of Vietnam that include the historical Champa rock carvings.

Ngoc Son Temple

It is the frequently visited temple in Hanoi that is situated in an island from the north Hoan Kiem Lake. A sophisticated scarlet bridge named Huc was built in a typical Vietnamese style and it was lined with flags to connect the lake’s shore to the island.
There are other places to visit in Hanoi aside from all of these. Hanoi is close to other areas like Doung Lam, an ancient village, Van Phuc, a silk village and Bat Trang which is a ceramic village.

Where to Eat and Drink

Hanoi comes with various restaurants wherein you can taste and enjoy the top dishes of the city. You can find restaurants that offer traditional Vietnamese meals while others serve exotic and unusual dishes like thick camel and crickets. You can also find business establishments there where you can eat delicious street foods. There are cafes and other food shops that serve tasteful Hanoi cuisine.

Where to Shop

Hanoi also offers great shopping experience to all of its visitors. The stores are mostly located near the Hoan Kiem Lake. There are markets where you can go and buy raw foods if you want to cook. If you want to buy clothes, you should go to Old Quarter where you can find a variety of clothes, textiles, souvenirs and accessories. Hanoi is also surrounded by various shopping centers that sell different products.
This Hanoi Insider Guide will help a lot in familiarizing yourself in everything that you can find and see in Hanoi. Please use all of the things you have learned here as tips and be happy with your vacation getaway


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