Graphic Design Internship in Vietnam

Graphic Design Internship in Vietnam

Program Infomation

  • Type of volunteer : Internship
  • Duration : 2 weeks - 2 months
  • Placement fee : 530 USD/ person for 2 first weeks
  • Location : Rural hanoi
  • Type of placement : Graphic Design for NGO
  • Arrival airport : Noi Bai Airport
  • Available : During the year
  • Age : 18+
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Duration  : From 2 weeks

Location : Rural Hanoi, Mai Chau, Lang Son, Da Nang

Project activities : Graphic Design

Working schedule : Monday to Friday , from 5 to 8 hours

Age Limits: Minimum 18 yrs or older for solo travelers.

Accommodation : Host family homestay

Start date : Flexible

Requirements : English & Graphic Design skill

Overview of Graphic Design Internship

As a Graphic Designer, you already have the skills we want.  Now pair that with a remote fantastical location in Vietnam and you have a dream job.  Choose from Hanoi, Lang Son, Mai Chau, and Da Nang for your Graphic Design Internship position.

Our enterprise is devoted to all that encompasses a sustainable and eco-friendly experience.   The local businesses in Vietnam need help in promoting to the many travellers from across the world.  Via our social media presence, we help them grow their local businesses so that they can sustain themselves going forward.  From Facebook to Pin Interest and from YouTube to Instagram, including Trip Advisor and Twitter, we run regular campaigns where your skills as a Graphic Designer will be very useful.

We want you to use your creative skill set to come up with new and exciting material that will further grow the tourism industry in Vietnam.  You will be responsible for many projects from the beginning designs, right to dispatch.  This is an exciting position for any up and coming young designer. So let’s join this graphic design internship now.

The Highlights of The Graphic Design Internship Position

  • You will be in a wonderful position to grow your existing skills as a Graphic Designer in the magical environment of rural Vietnam, over a wide expanse of mediums and varying projects
  • Through the enchanting travel and people you will be exposed to, you will be able to gain much experience, not only in graphic design, but also marketing, socializing and furthering your knowledge on Vietnam
  • The fact that you will be making a real difference to the local community businesses through your promotional and artistic work, will leave you with a greater feeling of accomplishment and pride


Your Choices of Location

You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to the location you want to work out of.

Rural Hanoi

Hanoi offers much in the way of tranquil, soul-searching peacefulness.  Only 30 Kilometers from Hanoi Old Quarter, you can energize your creative juices and learn all there is to know about the ancient village.  The friendly neighbors and family homes you will be exposed to will delight and revive you, as you enjoy the hustle-free environment of rural Hanoi.

Mai Chau

Tucked into the Northwest of Vietnam is a lovely little mountainous encased village called Mai Chu.  In addition to the luscious green rice paddies that surround this ancient area, you will be exposed to all the authentic culture of Mai Chau.

The Thai ethnic group form part of the majority of Mai Chau’s population and have brought all their rich historical ways with them over the years.   As a volunteer intern, you can embrace all they have to offer, in the way of their traditional brocade weaving, Xoe-Hoa dances, and cultural exchange art programs,

There will be many social gatherings during the year where you can take part in the campfire activities and general festival goings on.   The native people of Mai Chau are a friendly, welcoming people and you will soon feel right at home, sharing in their home cooked meals and learning some hidden secrets in culinary culture that you can take back home with you.

Lang Son

If you prefer a city environment but still want to experience the vast culture and history of Vietnam, consider Lang Son, about 18 km from the border of China.  A popular pass over destination for travellers heading to China, Lang Son offers a nice respite for a weary head.

Keeping with old school charm, Lang Son is surrounded by the green karst peaks and is right adjacent to the Phai Loan Lake.  You could not ask for a more peaceful environment tandemed with a modern twist.

While the Tho, Nung, Man and Dzao tribal people populate the district they are not so prolifant in Lang Son itself.  The Chinese forces destroyed a great deal of the town in 1979 and while it has been mostly rebuilt, many of the ruins have been kept in order to show those that travel through, the Chinese aggression that affected this history rich city.  But no worries for our intern, you will get to see the rebuild and how the Sino-Vietnamese trade is still booming.

Da Nang

Da Nang has much to offer the avid travel lover.  With its many outdoor activities you will be breathing in the fresh air and reveling in the beauty that surrounds you.  Keh Beach is one such outdoor place where you can soak up the sun.  Should you want to get out of the heat try Ba Na Resort where you won’t be overwhelmed by too many tourists.

For a cultural experience, try the Museum of Cham where you can view the Cham artifacts and learn all there is to learn about Da Nang and Vietnam in general.  Want to find out about the religious side of Da Nang, head to the Monkey and Marble Mountains Store where you will exposed to many historical and cultural aspects of Vietnam.

As with most of Vietnam’s ancient villages and cities, food is the core and you won’t be disappointed in Da Nang.  Try some local cuisine down at the street vendors in the market, which runs along the Han River.  And, be sure to try the My Quang, which is a local delicacy of noodles.


The Volunteers Role

Your role as a volunteer internee in the Graphic Designer capacity has a certain role.  This is what your role will be for the duration of your stay:

  • You will be responsible for delivering exceptional high quality designs that will appeal and intrigue the travellers from all over the world
  • You will need to utilize all the mediums we provide you with, from social media, which includes Twitter, Pin Interest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Trip Advisor and the creation of various blogs, to various advertising and marketing tools, in order to entice and beguile
  • The volunteer Graphic Designer will liaise often and closely with the Creative Director in charge of all the marketing campaigns
  • Utilizing your illustrations, sketches, graphic images, icons and look books, you will present your ideas for various sales presentations and marketing projects
  • From the conception of an idea, you will take this to the table to deliberate and create with your fellow volunteers. The aims and basic formula will be given to you.  All you need to do is utilize your creative brain to bring it to life
  • It is paramount that you ensure that what you produce aligns with our marketing game plan and includes our unique branding always
  • Where you are given a hypothetical idea, you are required to transform this into a real and optical rendition
  • Many of your projects will entail designing business cards, brochures, banners, posters and flyers
  • In addition, you will be required to write design briefs so that the Creative Director can see that you are on the right path with the given project

What We Require From Our Graphic Designer Intern

  • You must have sufficient working experience in utilizing all social media platforms
  • Your marketing background will be required as this will form a big part of your everyday activities
  • Excellent knowledge of the software, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator is mandatory
  • A go-getter and self-sufficient attitude is a must for this position
  • The ability to manage many tasks at once is required as well as being able to meet strict deadlines
  • We need you to also have a keen eye for creating something from nothing, to be able to communicate your ideas in a clear and precise manner, as well as utilize current trends, the web and print facilities to illuminate your ideas

What You Need to Bring With You

Mandatory Items

  • Your personal laptop
  • The laptop needs to be loaded with design programs and software necessary for you to do your work

Optional Items

  • Hiking type boots
  • Sun block
  • A sun hat
  • Insect Repellent
  • A Rain Coat
  • Sunglasses
  • Your own personal toiletries and clothing
  • Your Passport and Visa


Volunteer fee : $530 for 2 weeks, $240 for 1 additional week

What Your Fee Includes:

  • The Registration Fee
  • All Written Materials required for your program
  • The Airport pick up on arrival and transport to your hotel (first night)
  • An orientation pack in English to prepare and assist you to settle in
  • Accommodation and meals with the host family as detailed above
  • Transport to and from you place of work
  • Advice and assistance with any local public transport as well as your weekend excursions
  • Constant assistance and advise during your stay, by way of 24-hour support from your on-site coordinator

What Your Fee Excludes:

  • The cost of your Visa and the Visa itself
  • Your flight from your hometown to Hanoi
  • Your personal Travel and Health insurance
  • The transfer trip back from Hanoi to the airport (estimate US$10 for this)
  • Your personal vaccinations (highly recommended)
  • Any gifts or souvenirs you may wish to purchase during you stay
  • Any personal expenses you need to make
  • The fees for out of Hanoi trips taken in your leisure and free time
  • Any other services not mentioned herein


The Interns Accommodation

While you enjoy the culture of Vietnam, you will set up in a private room where your basic amenities, such as a western toilet, hot running shower and air conditioning will be catered to.

Your Meals

Your three meals a day will be served from a host family and will include breakfast, lunch and supper.

The lunch and supper meals will all be traditional Vietnamese cuisine which is predominantly soup, noodles and rice mixed in with local fresh vegetables and herbs as well as whatever fresh meat and fish is available.  Your breakfast will mostly consist of coffee or tea, including breads, fruit, and spreads.

Should you have special dietary requirements, please be sure to let us know when applying to be on this magic program. This will allow us time to make those special arrangements for you.



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