Ecotourism marketing intern for Vietnam homestay and eco tours

Ecotourism marketing intern for Vietnam homestay and eco tours

Program Infomation

  • Type of volunteer : Internship
  • Duration : 2 weeks - 2 months
  • Placement fee : 530 USD/ person for 2 first weeks
  • Location : Rural hanoi
  • Type of placement : Marketing
  • Arrival airport : Noi Bai Airport
  • Available : During the year
  • Age : 18+
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Duration  : From 2 weeks

Location : Rural Hanoi, Vietnam

Project activities : Online marketing  : SEO, social media marketing, copy writing, video marketings

Working schedule : Monday to Friday , from 5 to 8 hours

Age Limits: Minimum 18 yrs or older for solo travelers.

Accommodation : Host family homestay

Start date : Flexible

Requirements : English & Online marketing skill

Overview of Ecotourism marketing  Intern for Homestay and Eco Tours

Are you looking for something exciting and cultural to do for your gap year?  Or perhaps, you need a much-needed breather from your job, or a volunteer holiday?   Are you already in marketing or wanting broaden your marketing knowledge?  If you answered a resounding YES to those questions, then we have a lovely project that will suit you to the T!

We are offering a homestay and eco tours intern marketing position based 1 hour from the magical rural town of Hanoi in Vietnam.  You will be exposed to the exciting field of marketing as well as get to experience Vietnam’s appealing and engaging culture first hand.

What The Ecotourism Marketing Intern Entails

Vietnam is full of local businesses struggling to pull in sufficient revenue and we want to help them by luring in the tourists and increasing the travel community in and around all of Vietnam.  With your marketing skill set, you will go into the local community and educate them on how to better promote their business so to entice the local tourists and international alike.  Further, you will get them up to speed on creating a social media presence and building this to the point that it lures in the potential clients for them.  In addition, you will assist them with writing content for their websites and various marketing mediums, such as flyers, banners, newsletters, and other marketing platforms.

On your off days, you have the opportunity to teach English to the local children at night as well as get involved in the farming community.  From planting and watering vegetables to collecting snails, you will learn much about the traditional way of farming.  Transplanting baby rice into a paddy field, fishing, and plowing are just a few of the activities you can get down and dirty with.

Further, try your hand at cooking Vietnamese style with the freshly picked produce you collected during the day.  Vietnam is rich in broccoli, tomatoes, corns, and kohlrabi.

Make the most out of your stay in Hanoi and learn the local language as well as their ancient cultural activities.  A relaxed bike ride around the rural land will see you discovering many secret little treasures.

For your weekend getaways and free time, you will be able to hook up with the other volunteers and go for more exciting trips of exploration into the depths of Vietnam.

The Duration of the Project

While the minimum stay requirement is 2 weeks, we do recommend that you stay longer. This will enable you to get more comfortable with the language, the people, and the culture, which will aid greatly with your marketing projects.


Your Itinerary


  • You will be collected from the Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi City
  • You will then be transported to your hotel in Hanoi where you will be able to have free and leisure time
  • Take this opportunity to explore the neighborhood


  • The next morning you will take a bus to your homestay local family, which is where you will be staying for the duration
  • There will be a little free time to engage with the local family members, get settled and take a walk around
  • Later on, a short orientation will take place, where the family host will educate you on being safe in Vietnam, the processes involved in your project and what is to be expected of you


  • This will be your first working day where you will be introduced to the other Vietnamese staff members
  • Your first project will be assigned to you and you will begin researching, keeping in mind the eco-tourism program and how to assist the locals in their businesses
  • Take advantage of the regular and existing volunteers assistance, as you learn your way around, getting a feel for the type of content we are looking for

Your Final Day

On your final day of the program, a farewell party will be thrown for you by your host family.  Take this opportunity to say your goodbyes, take a few photos with the people you have met and make those final packing arrangements.

Please note that your trip back to the NoiBai airport is for your own account and not covered by the program.  Estimate about US$10 for this trip.


The ecotourism marketing intern fee

$530/ 2 week, $240 for 1 additional week

What Your Fee Includes:

  • The Registration Fee
  • All Written Materials required for your program
  • The Airport pick up on arrival and transport to your hotel (first night)
  • An orientation pack in English to prepare and assist you to settle in
  • Accommodation and meals with the host family as detailed above
  • Transport to and from you place of work
  • Advice and assistance with any local public transport as well as your weekend excursions
  • Constant assistance and advise during your stay, by way of 24-hour support from your on-site coordinator

What Your Fee Excludes:

  • The cost of your Visa and the Visa itself
  • Your flight from your hometown to Hanoi
  • Your personal Travel and Health insurance
  • The transfer trip back from Hanoi to the airport (estimate US$10 for this)
  • Your personal vaccinations (highly recommended)
  • Any gifts or souvenirs you may wish to purchase during you stay
  • Any personal expenses you need to make
  • The fees for out of Hanoi trips taken in your leisure and free time
  • Any otherservices not mentioned herein



Your Accommodation Details

For your comfort, we have arranged a private room at a local host family, where you will be provided with basic amenities such as a bed, hot running shower, western style toilet facilities, and air conditioning.

The mother of the host family will ensure you are comfortable and are properly integrated into their way of living and traditional cultures.

Your Meals

You will receive three meals a day, which will be breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  This will be served to you by the local host family but you will be required to, at times, get involved to assist with the meal preparations.

The breakfast is traditionally a variety of breads toasted, fruits, spreads and either tea or coffee.

The lunch and dinner options will be Vietnamese home cooked meals, which generally consist of noodles, rice, or soup dishes, blended in with local and fresh vegetables and whatever local fish and meats are available at the time.

Should you have a special eating preference, be sure to tell us on your application to the program.  This way, we can make an arrangement for you.


The Location of  Your Stay

The small rural village is about 30 kilometers, approximately 1 hour drive from Hanoi City, Vietnam’s capital.  You will be away from the hive of busy city life and be able to tap into your creative soul in this quaint old town.  Engage with the neighbors and local families to learn all you can about the district you are living in as well as how the natives live and work.

The Marketing Intern Requirements

This is what we require from our marketing intern:

  • You are required to stay for a minimum of 2 weeks. Longer is preferable
  • You must be a go-getter and friendly individual that can work on their own and meet deadlines as prescribed
  • You need to have knowledge and experience in the marketing field, as well as knowledgeof social media platforms, copywriting, advertising and general PR work ethics

Your Weekend Travel Options

The weekend is for you and you alone.  This is where you take a much-needed break from the project and go exploring.  Hook up with the other volunteers or go on your own, but be sure to visit all the cultural spots available to you in Hanoi, including Halong Bay on land, the Northern region of Vietnam and NinhBinh.  Should you find that you are given a longer weekend, then take advantage of this to trek into Sapa, which has a long history and magical sites to inspire you.


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