Copywriter Internship in Vietnam

Copywriter Internship in Vietnam

Program Infomation

  • Type of volunteer : Internship
  • Duration : 2 weeks
  • Placement fee : 720 USD/ person for 2 first weeks
  • Location : Lang Son
  • Type of placement : Copywriter Internship
  • Arrival airport : Noi Bai Airport
  • Available : During the year
  • Age : 18+
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Duration  : From 2 weeks

Location : Lang Son city

Project activities : Copywriting

Working schedule : Monday to Friday , from 5 to 8 hours

Age Limits: Minimum 18 yrs or older for solo travelers.

Accommodation : exceptional English skills, both in speaking, writing, researching and reading,

Start date : Flexible

Requirements : English & Online marketing skill

What The Copywriter Internship Entails

The Copywriter Internship position in Vietnam requires a creative, inspirational, and productive person.  Vietnam has much to offer in beauty and rich history.  The writer we will hire will need to tap into all of Vietnam and be able to communicate this to the public, no matter their age or background, in an enthusiastic and detailed manner.  From website content to marketing brochures, from travel itineraries to where-to guides, the copywriter must expand on their knowledge of Vietnam in order to capture the wanna-be travellers interest.

An Overview of Copywriter Internship

From a magical ancient area in North Eastern Vietnam, the Copywriter will get to experience Vietnam first hand.  They will take trips deep into the rural villages, visit the local farmlands, and get to know Vietnam so well that they will feel they were born there.  With the peaceful Phai Loan Lake only steps away, which has magnificent mountain peaks, the writer will, not only get to expand their Copywriter skills but get to fulfill their love of travel.

The Highlights of Your Position

  • The internship provides you with the opportunity to take trips all over Vietnam for free
  • You will get to broaden your knowledge of the way the Vietnamese live from day to day, as well as envelope yourself in their rich and phenomenal history and culture
  • While learning all about beautiful Vietnam, you will be constantly honing your creative writing skills, to produce the best and most marketable content you can
  • You can also teach English, should you so wish to, to the native children, during the early evenings – this will assist you in learning more about the locals


Our Aim

Through our volunteers Copywriting skills, we aim to assist the local tourist businesses in the area to give their skills an edge and bring in the many world travellers that pass through this vibrant land.

Copywriter Internship Roles Explained

Because of our collaboration with our various in-house teams and clientele, we plan to utilize our volunteer Copywriters valuable research, content and influential tone.

This is what we require from our volunteers:

  • Deliver fascinating and intuitive content to be used on our websites, brochures and marketing material which will assist and enlighten the travellers
  • Write in good grammar and spelling comprehensive English and if at all possible be able to write in another language native to the volunteer
  • Follow all guidelines we give in terms of the way we want the content and information to be drafted
  • Through our volunteers compelling writing, we want our website to be the first port of call and center of influence for all travellers to this area
  • Aid with the social media marketing
  • Manage the CRM database
  • Show us that they are a team player and able to deliver work on time and as per instructions
  • Meet deadlines timorously as this is a fast-moving industry where multi-tasking is required and attention to detail is a must

The Requirements for the Copywriter Internship Position

You need to have exceptional English skills, both in speaking, writing, researching and reading.  If possible, a second language skill would be an added benefit.

A mature attitude and the ability to work alone for long periods of time are essential as well.  Sometimes you won’t be in contact with the other volunteers, especially during the week.So you need to be comfortable with being on your own.

Be available for no less than 2 weeks for the project.  Longer would be a recommendation and more beneficial to the project, as it will take you time to settle and be enfolded in all that is Vietnam.

Finally, the ability to communicate with all staff, other volunteers and with tourism organizations telephonically, as this will be a big part of the position.

Where you will be Located

Your base will be three and a half hours outside of Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, in the region of Lang Son.  Lang Son is a northeastern province and close to the Sino-Vietnamese border.  The Ky Cung River lies to the left and the Ky Lua Market on the far side of town, where you can navigate over the Ky Cung Bridge to explore.

While you will be working mostly from this area during the week, you will have the opportunity to engage with other volunteers and Vietnamese natives on the weekend.


The Placement Fee Includes the Following

VVS will cover the following from your fee:

  • Your Registration Fee
  • All written material
  • Setting you up at your motel in the area to your satisfaction and needs
  • 3 meals a day
  • The transport will be covered to and from your motel and place of work
  • Airport greet and travel to the first hotel in Hanoi (first day)
  • An orientation pack in English
  • 24-hour guidance and support from your coordinator with public transport and any queries you may have, including assistance with your weekend trips


The Placement Fee Excludes the Following

  • Your Visa costs
  • Your flight to and from Vietnam
  • Your Travel and Health Insurance Costs
  • The travel fee back to the airport (approximately US$10)
  • Any vaccinations you may need (please check local requirements prior)
  • Your weekend trip expenses including travel fees and spending money for souvenirs, gifts and personal expenses
  • Any other service fees not mentioned here


Your Itinerary

DAY 1  –              ARRIVAL

  • You will arrive in Hanoi City, the capital city, via airplane at Noi Bai Airport
  • You will be collected by VVS staff from the airport and will be driven to your hotel in Hanoi
  • The rest of the day will be free time for you to explore and get settled

DAY 2  –              ORIENTATION

  • From Hanoi we will bus to a motel in the local area of the project
  • This will be your home for the next 2 weeks
  • A short orientation will take place here, where we will enlighten you as to how to be safe whilst living and travelling in Vietnam, as well as what is in store for you with regards to your work
  • From there you can fraternize with the locals, with the other staff and volunteers, as well as take some leisure time to walk around and explore the area


  • Today is the start of your official working week
  • You will be introduced to all staff you haven’t met already
  • Your work and tasks will be given to you and they will cover the following and more:
  • Visiting local temples
  • Watching Nhay Dong, a historical performance which will teach you of the Mother of Goodness ceremony
  • A few famous tourist venues
  • Hike to some local caves and chat to the local families and workers
  • This is your time to gather contacts and open your mind up to what Vietnam has to offer, start thinking about what you would want to know, if you were a tourist visiting for the first time
  • After your research time, you will sit with the other volunteers and staff to put together all the information you have learnt and experienced – into travel itineraries, various brochures and flyers for marketing, guides for destination and the activities available
  • The idea is to promote the local community businesses through tourism and this should be your focus always

Your Weekend Travel Itinerary

The weekend is a time for you to take advantage of the beauty of Vietnam.  Make the most of the contacts you have made so far with the other volunteers.  Go explore the picturesque mountain ranges, the Halong Bay and the stunning Ninh Binh.  Should you find that you are given a longer weekend, use this time to go further into Sapa and envelope yourself in all that Vietnam has to offer in the way of ancient history and culture.

The Final Day of Your Journey

On your final day, after a very enriching stay in Vietnam, learning all the ways of life and meeting never-to be forgotten people, we will host a farewell party.  Here you can take a few more photos for your memories, say your goodbyes and pack up before leaving to the Noi Bai Airport.

Please note that the fee to travel from your hotel to the airport is not covered by VVS.  Estimate at least US$10 for this.


Your Accommodation

Your motel where you will reside for the duration of your stay will cover all basic amenities, such as a comfortable bed with bedding, hot water shower, western toilet facilities, and air conditioning.

Your Food

You will receive three meals a day with a local family.  These meals will be all local dishes, such as traditional Vietnamese everyday chow, rice, noodles, fish, other meats, and various vegetable and soup dishes.

If you may have different dietary needs, you’ll be accommodated the best we can. Just let us know in advance!


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