About Us

Vietnamvolunteer.com, we have been leading high quality in doing volunteer services by offering volunteer opportunities, internship programs in Vietnam for people all around the world. From the beginning, thousands of volunteers have joined us in a variety of projects inVietnam. In each project and local area we employ full time local staff to make sure that our volunteers work on worthwhile programs, receive full support, and stay safe.

Here in after are the factors that make VVI differentiate from other organizations and what we feel are important for providing a volunteer service that focus our significant endeavor.

We work for you

We work for you. It is important. We do not try to sell you anything you don´t need for your trip. If you should have a problem during your trip, we will also act on your behalf to see that proper restitution are made. We are always here to support and guide your volunteer decisions so you have a better trip!

Meaningful and quality Projects

We offer a worthwhile project for the volunteers all over the world with a busy and constructive volunteering work, we hope to bring the happiness to both volunteers and local community and the site you work for. In order to make it come true, we always make sure the support of our staff in the best way and the most beneficial practice. Continuous improvement is “key” for us to changeling our local staff to improve the support we offer the projects and to improve the volunteer experience through enhanced support and backup not only in the local area, but also before and after their project.