Why pay to volunteer

Why pay to volunteer in Vietnam

Skills and time are invaluable assets that are rendered for needy communities via systematic projects, if you join Vina Volunteer Service. But if you are aiming to back lengthy, purposeful projects you need to pay its price. For this reason a volunteering fee is charged by us.

Price difference might be a triggering point forcing you to make an independent volunteer journey, however association with any trustworthy Volunteer Service like ours give you many perks and benefits. It is really an uphill time eating task to look for the most appropriate project in foreign country justifying your requirements on the grounds of reputation, safety and worth. Joining Vina Volunteer Service you can avail visa and travel support, point of reference, safe accommodation within the vicinity of workplace, cooperative work environment, a safeguarding net by the virtue of our logistical support and full time professional staff, besides you will be given clear guidelines about what is expected from you from the very first day.

Concisely, Vina Volunteer Service is the name of trust and reliability and We at Vina Volunteer service make all possible efforts to make positive impact on chosen communities.


By carrying projects via Projects Abroad, you can raise money via Fundraising guide that is a perfect guiding help to raise funds.

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Utilization of money

Achievement of our goals and meeting up our target objectives is really independent of fundraising or state funding. Payments collected from interns and volunteers in the form of fees, forms our major funding source. Don’t categorize this fees as a one-time donation for your selected project. This fees is utilized in managing your trip, sustaining long duration projects, international infrastructure and organizational structure needed to ensure successful and sustainable accomplishment of our social goals and projects around the globe.

And, obviously, we are not into money borrowing from partner organization for world development. Our whole work owe its entire funding to volunteer’scontribution.

This monetary independence make us more productive giving us free hand to initiate projects wherever we deem necessary and where we are sure that our interns and volunteers can make a mark difference.

Your project fee therefore not only encompasses the cost attributable to your ground presence but also constitutes a share in total cost incurred in running high standard volunteering projects.

We want to reveal true and fair view to volunteers about utilization of their funds, however practically it is impossible to provide accurate breakup of funds. So, average figures and percentages can give a brief idea.

Direct costs attributable to volunteering: (Avg 29%)

Despite of sparing your time for volunteer projects, you will still incur some regular direct cost during this experience. This day-to-day cost refers to your accommodation, meals, insurance premiums, transport whether air transport or between workplace and residential place. A volunteer fee is really helpful in arranging extremely important and scarce resources in underrated areas ranging from construction materials to school supplies.

Occurrence of indirect costs (Avg 22%)

Volunteering experience demands for more than your original expectations. Your funds also account for all those indirect costs incurred in making your volunteer project safe and worthy.

Our native staff members are great source of experience and knowledge to our volunteers; supporting them at each twist and turn, establishing connections and affiliations with native project partners ensuring that each project is heading towards road of success. A chunk of your fee also covers their monthly salaries, routine trainings and perks throughout year.

Costs incurred on equipment, office rent, communication infrastructure and utilities also qualify as indirect in nature. Cost for tax reporting, book keeping and government registration also need to be paid.

Managerial costs (Avg 13%)

Any business that stretches its operations in 5 provinces of the country (Vietnam) requires a lot of management and organization. Of course that means investment in HR, IT, financial controls and administrations. All such departments require trained and skilled staff (along with remuneration and perks), besides office building and suitable infrastructure.

Cost for communication and recruitment (24%)

Our partners many times face significant problems regarding promotion of their projects to gather sizeable interns and volunteers. We on behalf of them inform world about interning and volunteering and it inevitably demands financial injection.

Each set up of communication and recruitment is bound to have costs pertaining to equipment, utilities, furniture fixtures, office rents in addition to basic salaries and training costs for staff. Costs for tax reporting, bookkeeping and state registration is also there.

We truly believe and recognize the importance of investments related to communication and recruitment regarding smooth and sustainable running of projects. This cost pays you back over a long period of time. Effective promotion is significant in fetching more participants, that indirectly motivates us to look for big social objectives and economies of scale achieved during this entire process will enable us to reduce fees.

Tax (5% Average)

As you do, we also pay taxes. As a private business, we receive from government, neither any explicit nor implicit subsidy by way of preferential treatment concerning tax. Where on earth we operate, we pay taxes required by governments all over the world, funds for social works and infrastructure just as a full-fledge contributor to social contract.

Excess revenue (7% average)

As an established company, we successfully build revenue over cost of business expenses. This enables us to comfortably grow and afford to establish new projects at new locations. Also we can fully support even the projects running in loss.

Our staff and interns enjoy a sense of job security because we never close, and keep operating even if there happen to be less induction of volunteers. Moreover, we do pay substantial dividends to our shareholders who are with us in our continued journey over 20 years sharing with us all possible financial risks involved in the business.

One goal for one world: That is Positive change all over

Long after you go back, your payments contribute and help making lives of so many people all over the world a lot improved. It directly boosts the projects you stayed in as volunteer, and stirs local communities and countries with worked in, around the globe, due to your direct interaction. So many people and communities specifically in underdeveloped and developing countries benefit from assistance you provide them monetarily as well as in terms of all kind of efforts you put in diligently for their uplift.

The aim of our projects therefore is a goal, you so happily share with us, to which all your  fees go,  and that is to bring a positive change in the lives of less privileged people wherever they are irrespective of cast, creed, colour or physical boundaries.