What to bring

Travel Bag


* Jacket
* 2–4 shirts/T-shirts/blouses/tops ( 1 should be a smart casual/dressy) 2 pairs trousers/skirts ( 1 should be a smart casual dress)
* 2 pairs of shorts/Skirts
* 1 Sleeping clothes & Swimsuit
* 2 Dark cardigan/ sweater/ jumper
* Rainwear, poncho (avoid bringing an umbrella as it is too large)
* Parka, coat, or equivalent
* 3+ pairs socks
* 3+ pairs undergarments
* Long T-shirt or sarong [cover-up] necktie, scarf, hair band, bandanna
* Gloves / mittens (winter in the north of Vietnam can be very chilly) Sun hat / knitted cap, hat clip
* Belt
* Laundry bag
* Beach towel


* 1 pair smart casual/ dressy shoes
* 1 pair walking shoes/boots
* flip-flops or sandals

First Aid – Medication

* Analgesic of choice
* Diarrhoea treatment of choice
* Infection treatment of choice
* Malaria tablets
* Tweezers
* Basic First Aid Kit – bandages, moleskin (other first aid?)
* menstrual, contraceptive, and/or prophylactic supplies
* Necessary medications

Stay Healthy Products

* Vitamins,
* (collapsible) plastic water bottle & cup
* Sun Block/ Sun Screen (preferable with moisturiser),
* Insect repellent


* Toothbrush, Tooth cleaner/paste, Dental floss Razor blades
* Shaving oil cream
* After shave, perfume, moisturiser, comb and/or hairbrush
* Shampoo & conditioner bar soap & container
* Deodorant
* Nail clippers
* Make up
* Antibacterial wipes
* Lip balm
* Hair bands

Add-on Specialty Items:

* Camera (lenses, flash, tripod, extra cards & batteries, charger, laptop connection table)
* Camera film
* Additional memory card for Camera, Additional battery for Camera
* Mobile (Cellular) telephone charger
* Laptop computer (flash drive, Power cord/adapters, network cables,)
* Overseas power converter plugs and/or power converter (check with destination power)
Miscellaneous Items

* Sun glasses, retainer, case
* Lens cleaning cloth/supplies,
* Maps, guidebooks,
* Phrase books, Luggage lock(s) (cable?)
* Flashlight plus extra batteries
* Multipurpose tool, scissors (never carry them in Day Pack)
* Hostel sheet bag (sleeping bag, bivouac sack, blanket)
* Sewing Repair kit (safety pins, rubber bands, cord sewing kit, including large needle
* Sealable plastic bags

Travel Documentation

* Photocopy of Passport
* Photocopy of Tickets
* Medical Papers
* Insurance Document
* Address Book
* Visa documentation
* Copy of International drivers licence
* Copy of Visa Card, Credit Cards, Cash Card etc
* Copy of prescription (spare glasses?)
* Copy of membership cards, business/calling cards, telephone access numbers
* Copy of Medical card

Note: All paperwork should be kept in a waterproof plastic bag within the luggage

What Not to pack

* Anything fragile unless in very strong and reliable packaging
* Food, drinks or alcohol
* Expensive or sentimental Jewellery


* Drivers Licence and or ID
* One Cash Card or Credit Card
* Small amount of cash
* Accommodation details

Carry-on Luggage

(Back pack or similar)

* Passport
* Visas
* Travel Tickets
* Copy of Tour tickets
* Copy of accommodation details
* Photos
* Vaccination certificates
* Reading Glasses
* Sunglasses
* Inflatable travel pillow
* Cell Phone (Mobile phone)
* Toothbrush very Small toothpaste
* Laptop
* Watch (to be worn)
* Whistle (for personal security)
* Lightweight digital camera
* Notebook & Pen Diary (to remember your trip)
* Toilet paper-small roll and place in plastic bag
* Earplugs (eye mask) [to ease sleep]
* Reading material (something you don’t mind leaving behind)

Note: All paperwork should be kept in a waterproof plastic bag within the Travel Day pack

Security Pouch

Note: the security pouch is to be worn under clothes. Suggest should be cotton to avoid sweating against skin and place all paperwork in a sealable plastic bag.

* Charge & ATM cards Cash (no coins)
* International drivers licence
* Second passport (if dual citizenship)
* Charge & ATM cards, cash, 2 personal cheques
* Traveller’s cheques
* Membership cards
* Calling cards
* Medical Card, Copy of Passport, Copy of travel tickets
* Tour tickets

Travelling with Kids

* Headphones with MP3 Player or the like
* Light snacks. (if unused you may need to dispose before leaving the aircraft)
* Favourite sleeping toy
* Medicines for unexpected health emergencies like dizziness, stomach aches, headaches, and other travel sickness.
* Portable DVD player and children’s movies.
* Make sure have multiple headsets
* Activity books
* Toys with not many small parts
* Nintendo or similar.

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