Volunteer in Vietnam organic farming

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Program Information

  • Duration : 2 week+
  • Placement fee : Contact us
  • Location : Vietnam country sides
  • Type of placement : Volunteer work for farm
  • Arrival airport : Noi Bai Airport
  • Available : During the year
  • Age : 18+

Join this program


Volunteering in Vietnam organic farming offer you a great chance to immerse yourself in rustic natural beauty and peaceful countryside. Participants have the opportunity to experience authentic local culture by staying with locals as well as joining in their daily life activities.  We also participate in organic farm works such as planting vegetables, cutting grass, fishing on the river, collecting snails on the rice field. Especially, we can enjoy the rustic beauty of Vietnamese countryside as well as do a range of travel activities such as hiking, biking, swimming,  cultural exchange… That’s all about Vietnam organic farming .


Are you looking for a new travel style? Do you want to gain an insight into Vietnam? Do you want to experience volunteer work on organic farming abroad?

We are here to hear what you expect so that we offer you a project called “Volunteer Vietnam in organic farming”. The project site is located among a variety of fields and  organic farm such as: rice paddy field, corn, mixed farms with many kind of fruits. We will run suitable activities for participants due to certain growing season . There are so many people who living in the countryside, growing their own food, selling agricultural products, and developing market in the local area. Volunteering and living with a local family is a fascinating way to immerse yourself  in a new culture and experience life like a local . Your contribution means a lot to local community.


  • Staying with indigenous people as well as experiencing authentic local culture
  • Being in homestay and helping local people do some farm works such as planning &  harvesting vegetables, cutting grass, fishing on the river, collecting snails on the rice field and tending water buffalos.
  • Immerse yourself in natural beauty
  • Having fun with a variety of culture shows during the years.
  • Enjoy tranquil settings of Vietnam countryside
  • Experiencing warm hospitality of our host family
  • Practicing Vietnamese with locals is a great way to learn Vietnamese first-hand.

What our projects say

  • Volunteers help locals do a variety of farm works.
  • Volunteers will play a main role to make a difference by staying among local people.
  • It is a great chance for international volunteer to gain a deeper understandings of Vietnamese lifestyle, learn Vietnamese, join in cultural exchange and enjoy local cuisines and experience new life abroad.

Day 1: Arrive in Hanoi city (Noi Bai airport)
This is the first day you come to Vietnam joining in our project. VVS staff will pick you up from Noi Bai airport and take you to your hotel in Hanoi. You are at leisure.

Day 2

We will take a local bus to the homestay owner will be your home during your stay in our project. After that, you can take a rest. If there is still time , we will have a short orientation at the homestay to go through produces for your stay and get involved in the project.We will show you how to be safe during the trip. After that, you can stroll around the village, say hello to local people, visit the field and staffs whom you will be working with.

From Day 3 to the end of the duration (Working day only)
From Day 3, you will be working with full-time support of Vietnamese staff members and will be involved in a variety of tasks that will be scheduled for you every day You will join in the farm works and help local people plant trees, vegetables, fishing on the river and feeding the animals. Everything will be run smoothly if you are actively working, it is very helpful for you to make friends with the local people, give them the best and you will be very happy to work with locals.

(Saturday & Sunday): You are at leisure during the weekend.
You can choose to stay in Mai Chau and relax in a homestay, visit Mai Chau or Pa Co market, 1000 steps cave or travel off the beaten path to Pu Luong natural reserve. Depart from Mai Chau, you’ll have a good chance to trek remote and wondrous ethnic villages where you can gain a deeper understandings of local culture and traditions . It’s worthwhile to spend your weekend holiday in such as  fascinating, beautiful place like Mai Chau with so many things to see and do.

Your Final day

You will have a small farewell party to all your new friends to say goodbye, take your final photos and pack your bag with souvenirs. You’ll travel back to the airport, or off for further adventures elsewhere. The return transfer from your accommodation to Noi Bai airport is not covered within your project fee, VVS is able to make recommendations and help you arrange a transfer if you want to. You should estimate US$30 for this trip.

Price : US$560/ per person for 2 weeks and US$210 for 1 extra week.

Placement fee includes:
VVS’s placement fee includes the following:
o Registration fees
o Written materials abroad
o Written materials pre-departure
o Facilitating a volunteer experience in program site that specifically meets your needs
o Arranging secure, high quality, centrally located accommodation based on your budget.
o Assisting with local transport and providing advice on public transport routes
o Airport meet and greet service
o Complete English preparation and orientation information pack
o Advice, assistance, and guidance before, during, and after your stay
o In-country staff support
o 24/7 emergency support and assistance
Flights, Insurance, Visas, Return Airport transfer
Types of volunteering
o Eco-tourism
o Economic Development
o Environment
o Feasibility Studies
o Food
o Gardening
o Income-generation
Organic Farming
o Planting
o Reforestation
o Research
o Tourism
o Tree Planting

What does the project do?
This project lasts at least 10 working day. Individuals or groups work in a rural village, assist host family, local people to do farm work. The project site is hand-picked, for the best possible place to do agricultural work. This project offers a great opportunity for international volunteers to learn more  about Vietnam – the homeland of agricultural culture. Moreover, locals can learn more about the outside world via cultural exchange program and during the time working with international volunteers  whom they have met in their hometown for the first time. This project is also a good way not only for locals to change their life but also for international volunteers to change their mind and give a helping hand to support local community.

Role of volunteer
Volunteers play an important role in this project. The project  aims to enlarge the organic farm and reduce environmental impact of pesticides. Through volunteer activities, we would like to start a campaign call “fresh products produced in organic farms”. If you have some experiences in farm work, tell us your thoughts in term of improving productivity. Through those activities, it not only produces fresh organic products, but also creates a good working environment to gain skills& experiences for both volunteers and the locals.

What’s the project like?
This project is in a hill-tribe village. Spending your free time at a slower pace of life, enjoying fresh air every day and participating in wonderful farm work will be an incredible experience for you on the trip. Furthermore, fresh fruits, vegetables and animals are available for processing foods. Enjoy local cuisines, which will be unforgettable memories for you.

– No special equipment for this program. You just need a good health, love nature and discovery.


Mai Chau is located in Hoa Binh province, approximately 135 km from Hanoi and 60 km from Hoa Binh. From the top of Cun Mountain, one can admire the superb panorama of Mai Chau surrounded by a green valley and stilt houses. Many minorities, including the Thai ethnic group, live in Mai Chau.

Stilt houses border both sides of the roads. The houses are quite large with palm leaf roofs and polished bamboo-slat floors. The kitchen is located in the center of the house; the cooking as well as the making of the colorful tho cam, the material used by Thai minority to make their clothes, takes place in the kitchen. The windows are large and decorated with patterns. Each house also usually has a pond to breed fish.

The Sunday market brings a lot of people into town. People from different minorities living in the mountains come to Mai Chau market to sell their specific products: honey, bananas, corn, and tho cam made by skilled Thai women. The Sunday market is also an occasion to enjoy traditional Thai dishes and to participate in traditional dances.

Mai Chau can be a base for some trekking tours to the villages around, this is with homestay overnight on the traditional houses of the H’Mong and the Thai. It’s worth a guided trekking tour there, tourists especially enjoy the minority specialty dishes including rice cooked in bamboo and grilled meat. They also enjoy watching traditional dancing, music performances (bronze, drums, gongs), and Thai minority singing and dancing. The remote minority villages are attractive sites for tourists.

Activities and schedule
Activities and schedule will be set by VVS, or from the inquiries and suggestion from participants. The plan will be fixed before your departure. All of the activity plans will be sent to let participants know via email.
Project resources, advice and all support for activities on the trip will be provided by VVS and local support. Besides, you should prepare something necessary for you participating in the trip.

What type of accommodation will I be in?
You will share  with others in a homestay. The accommodations are basic equipped amenities. This will be a good opportunity for you to taste local life style.

Accommodation facilities
You can ask local family to cook for you otherwise you cook yourself. You should budget approximately $91 per week for food and homestay.

Things to bring from home

If you are taking part in the project between May and September please ensure that you bring cool clothes for the day as well as winter clothes for the chilly nights. During the day, it’s usually bright and sunny, it’s a bit chilly in early morning and at night time. Finally, don’t forget some books and other things to entertain yourselves at night.

It is essential that you bring cameras to take photos , laptop to record cool things during your stay. Reading books is a great idea in your free time.

Although the day is usually bright and sunny, nights and early mornings can be cold.You should also bring trekking boot, sun block, hat, anti-insect repellent, sunglasses, raincoat, toiletries, passport.

Petr and Farmers

Petr and Farmers.

Rice Field

Rice Field.



Catching snail

Catching snail.



Petr plays with buffalo

Petr plays with buffalo.

mai chau scenery

mai chau scenery.

Awesome Smile

Awesome Smile.

Catching sail

Catching sail.

Enjoy life

Enjoy life.

Rice Field

Rice Field.

We are happy

We are happy.

It is not possible to book directly online and completing this form does not mean your booking has been confirmed. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you with a quotation as soon as possible.

You can also call our expert coordinator on +84 974 313 104 Mr David Nguyen (English and Vienamese) to apply for a volunteer program.
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