Vietnam Passport and Visa requirements

Vietnam passport and visa requirements

Passport: (6+ weeks prior to departure)

In case you do not have passport, apply for immediately because usually the process takes more than 6 weeks. Expeditious process if need be, though may let you obtain a U.S. passport within at least 8 days to 3 weeks. On the other hand in case you do have a passport, recheck for its validity to ensure it is applicable for 6 months at least from your departure date. Also it should have some blank pages.


Apply 2 months prior to departure date but alternatively more convenient way is to contact travelling agency who offer facility to arrange visa on arrival. However this facility is applicable at Vietnam’s international airports such as NoiBai airport at Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, HoChi Minh   airport and Danang airport. To apply for ‘on the spot’ visa, you are required to send photos of first two pages of your passport, as attachments, by email.

Whenever you get approval letter on arrival, check to ensure that your given name, surname and dates of entry or exit are correct absolutely. In case you have requested for visa with  multiple entries, ensure that letter of approval states the words ‘ is permitted to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times ‘ .  You can enter Vietnam once a valid visa is stamped on your passport but not before the date of entry mentioned out there.  One very important point to be noted concerning approval letter is that it only valid at any of three international airports in Vietnam but is not valid for entry through borders at land. Therefore if you intend to enter Vietnam borders via land entry points, an already obtained valid visa must be stamped on your passport. Note that with multiple-entry letter of approval, only first time you are supposed to get it stamped by landing at international airport.  For all subsequent visits you may enter by any convenient ways and means.

Next you should get PDF files attachments printed, preferably but not necessarily, colored, preparing along with at least two photos (passport size i.e. 4×6 cm).  Get visa stamped on passport on arrival at any of international airports in Vietnam. Hanoi airport you are given a form to fill in. With this form completed you may now present the letter of approval (for visa on arrival), your passport, 2 photos you brought along, and visa stamping fee. For single entrance visa stamping fee is U.S. $25 which is valid from 1 to 3 months stay. Whereas for up to one month’s stay multiple entries the visa stamping fee is U.S. $50 (details at ** above). Also note that U.S. dollars or Vietnamese Dong are currencies preferably accepted. At the same time note that currency note should neither be mutilated, torn or have any marks or nicks. May they not be brand new but should be in acceptable good condition. This is to make you save from any embarrassment at any point.  We process it in only US$ 10 while any other travel agency may charge up to US$20 for processing.

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