Testimonial of Tello



Volunteer reviews & testimonials of Tello from South Africa for Vietnam organic farming and Animal care project in Hanoi 

My time in Vietnam Volunteer.. it was a real adventure ,thank you all who was a part of this program i did learn a lot from you guys .. all i want to say just keep up the good work that you are doing ..

Because of you i have my own pig farming .. now i know how to mantain my pigs more than before .. at first i used to give my pigs anything and feed them at any giving time, but now i know that you have to feed them atlest twice a day

And also make sure that you have enough water in your yard, because that makes life easier for pigs .. as for growing veggies and fruits , if you have pigs you just take the waist and pour in your veggies garden then the result is great

David at first i was worried about the language error but as for you to be there my life was easier thanks for your good work and the golden heart you have ,, and the lady from the house i was staying ,, oh my God i felt at home ,, also the old man and his wife from the pig farm they were great people i really enjoyed each and every moment i had to spend with them????

The villagers were very friendly  , infact everybody thank you all … keep up the good work ..and miss them all so much

Here are some pic’s and video i took when i was there:

Kind Regards

Tello Elisa Skhosana