Harizz from Malaysia



Hi everybody, I’m Harizz, from Malaysia. This is second time I come to Vietnam but this is the first time I joined in volunteer club. Before my participation, I think it will be boring and I will do nothing. After I joined, It was changed my thinking.

The children at local is very friendly and funny, when I came to Vina’class I don’t know what I will do. I can’t teach English for children because my English skill is bad. Then the children say “Dance! Dance!” and I am oke. I touched dance for chilrend. After times, the children dance is so good and learn so fast, I and Nhat decided perform in my hotel (Vinpearl luxury). My parent has proud of me and children when we showed in Hotel.

The coordinator of Vina Volunteer Service is really so good, he took care during the project. From my home to his home about 30kms. It is so far but he go to my home everyday pick up me go to Vina’s class and take me back. This is a successful project.

I have nerver go to anywhere by motobike and go to poor place, but it is the first time I done. I got experience with local and feeling very good, I hope I will come back this place on next year.

Final day, I had farewell with children I never for get it’s impress for me. Thanks Vina so much, I hope will see you..