Responsible Travel in Vietnam

We at Vina Volunteer Service are highly committed to responsible travel in all its types. Starting from simple recycling schemes in our head office in UK to provide volunteers with ideal advice on eco-tourism and to encourage reforestation works on many of our conversation projects, we always strive hard to ensure that the impacts of our volunteers, our projects including the projects abroad, are positive ones. We also take time to analyze our environmental and human impact on a bit more details.

The VVS Impact

We believe that VVS impact is good. We essentially promote cultural exchange and we make sure that all our projects work that otherwise will not exist or will be understated and underfunded. We offer new services and benefits for disadvantaged individuals living in the countries where we significantly work. We work to enhance the physical and social environment around this developing world. We also give new opportunities and probably new visions to all dedicate volunteers. Overall, we genuinely hope that we give in more understanding to this world and this is something that we cannot easily measure however, this cross-cultural exchange is considered to be at the heart of the VVS.

The Human Impact of VVS

Our Volunteers

Without the volunteers, the existence of VVS could not have been possible. Our nearly 1,000 VVS volunteers therefore deserve all the credits and recognitions. These volunteers have experienced working in many developing countries since 2012 and we are all able to function meaningfully even up to now.

Our major responsibility is for them and we seriously take full responsibility. We hire numerous staffs in different regions in Vietnam who are also dedicated to delivering services, safety assessments, guidance and support which make sure that our volunteers’ experience is worthwhile and hassle free as much as possible. We are proud of our success and this is mirrored from our many volunteer success stories.

Host Families

We typically position our dedicated volunteers on local host families.  Basically, this provides a family with regular income. We always pay more than the usual market rate. This also enables families to afford added benefits like better healthcare access or extended education for their children. This also establish better cultural understanding on both sides but probably more importantly on the part of our young volunteers. We really hope that the experiences they have these days will help in essentially shaping their attitudes when they become tomorrow’s opinion formers.

Our Staff

We employ qualified staff all over our project sites in Vietnam. Most of them are locals who are completely familiar with the land.

Cultural Exchange

Volunteers in all our exclusive projects are urged to learn particular local language and we provide short language training so that volunteers can talk a bit of the language and this can surely go far in terms of integrating with local individuals and communities that our volunteers are working on.

As mentioned above, majority of our volunteers stay with host families and this is certainly one of the most vital aspects of cultural exchange in volunteerism trips. This enables our volunteers to experience real life on that particular destination they have chosen.

Supporting the Local Families

Every time we have volunteer undertakings, VVS together with our volunteers are spending numerous several pounds each week supporting local families. This might be as volunteers heading out to work making use of local accommodation, consuming local foods and using local open transport where it is sensible and safe to do so. We essentially contribute to local economies in these sorts of means in every destination we work in.

VVS and Its Environmental Impact

We keep the local environment clean in order to raise awareness of the locals about environmental protection.