How to apply

For taking part in  a project you need to choose one from our project list on a website, . The website will contain lastest information about project availability. However if you would like to receive a voucher, please feel free to contact us. As you find out the project you are interested in, send us the information by filling in an application form (available on our website), accompanied by the appropriate fee and we will start the placement process.

step 1– Choose a project from project list on our website.

Step 2–  Contact us by filling in the required information on our website

step 3– As we receive your enquiries and application, we will reply you immediately. The application process will be finished as soon as we get all your detailed information. We will send you notification of preliminary acceptance and a pre-departure booklet  within 1-3 weeks.

step 4 – As you get confirmation from VVS, you should start preparing for travel by obtaining all of the necessary documents (passport,visa) and meeting the immunization requirements.

step 5– Make your travel arrangements and other practical arrangements.

step 6– Settle the fee of the project .

step 7 : Welcome aboard .


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