Host Family Accommodation

One bigger motivation for international travel is immersing yourself in the beautiful culture of Vietnam. VVS clearly understands that staying with local host family accommodation is one of the ideal ways to do that. You do not really want to live in a bubble while you’re abroad exness.

If you choose to be a volunteer with VVS, you will not just live with any family. Families are actually selected carefully for comfort, friendliness and security. You will also not be living all by yourself. We have host families who can stay with you in all of our destinations.

We will make sure that host families will serve you with quality and delicious home-cooked meals in some particular project. Food is considered the heart of the society so be ready to eat your fill of tasty local cuisine.

In line with VVS’s commitment of being an ideal or positive influence in communities that we work with, host families are compensated decently. These families are also interviewed for their friendliness and to ensure that they are fully motivated only by valid and right reasons exness review. They will warmly welcome you in their home and in their family. Host families will be more willing to share their customs and will teach you about the beauty and value of their own culture.

Here at VVS, we believe that living with a host family accommodation is a great experience which truly makes a unique VVS placement.

There are certain locations where host families are not really possible particularly on the Danang Project. However on all destinations, we always evaluate accommodation for comfort and quality based on your available budget. Your foods will still be given by Vina Volunteer Service usually by the local cook, which is the best way to experience local gastronomy and you will eat like a real local.