Flexibility of start dates

Start Dates for VVS

Basically speaking, you are allowed to start any project on any date you choose. When you apply, make sure that you specify clearly your most preferred start as well as end dates. Our projects typically run all year round and we have volunteers coming almost every day.

Since our exclusive projects mainly depend on the calendar of local holidays, there are short occasions when the usual operation or normal flow of projects is suspended. Taking for instance the schools, which often close during summer for holidays. During these given periods, we tend to organize alternative work projects which are almost similar to our ongoing projects, however addresses direct and shot term needs of local communities.

If you are interested to check on the dates if the local holidays in advance, please do not hesitate to call us at +84 974 313 104. You can also send your email at info@vietnamvolunteer.net. Once you’re accepted to the project, our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you and will inform you about the local holidays or will tell if it really makes sense to arrive few days later.

On our standard projects, the length of your project is calculated from the moment you arrive in the country until the time you went back home. Taking for instance if you sign up for the two-week trip, you have to make sure that your international travel time is clearly included within this 2 week duration. This is a means to ensure that your entire trip is significantly covered by your insurance.